I’ve always had a thing for crime fiction, but aside from a few jaunts in my short stories, I’ve never done anything but dabble. Until two years ago, when Irish horror author Matt Hayward pitched me the idea for PRACTITIONERS. He mentioned nightmares and creatures and a tortured detective but truthfully, I was sold before he even began his spiel. A half dozen beers will do that. He could’ve pitched me an unauthorized novelization of BLANK CHECK, and I would’ve been on board. (Full disclosure: I’d still love to write that.) But thankfully, his idea sounded just as appealing after I’d sobered up and in the following six or seven months, we wrote two alternating chapters each week, never once working from an outline but always trying to one-up the other. You’ve got a weird gimp thing? Well, I’m naming a character “Kale.” What now, Hayward?

Today, nearly two years later to the day of that six-beers-deep novel pitch, you can finally read PRACTITIONERS in all its glory. It’s different from anything either he or I have written, yet it feels like a natural progression. I hope you enjoy this collaboration. We sure as heck did.dfsafdfsdf



Good morning. Or afternoon or night or whatever time it is when or where you’re reading this. Hope you slept well or that lunch was great. My third novel, BONE SAW, is officially available for public consumption. It’s vastly different than most of my other published works and I hope you enjoy it. Maybe a read a chapter or two tonight during dinner. Unless it’s already night, then breakfast? I’m bad with time zones.


P.S. – I also recorded a book promo here, because I’m jonesing for YouTube stardom. I’d love if you watched all two minutes and fourteen seconds and then maybe clicked “like” and then maybe also clicked “subscribe.”



One of the questions I hear from readers most often is “Pat, when are you going to write a novel about a maniacal pig monster?” followed closely by “Is your beard really that grey?”

The answer to the second question is a resounding yes. I think it’s a distinguishing look.

As for the first question, behold the cover of BONE SAW, out this May through Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing.

Liam Carpenter spends most of his time above his aunt’s garage, watching obscure horror movies and drinking cheap beer. But this week’s different. This week, things are getting weird. First, there’s his favorite director, Clive Sherman, showing up in town unannounced. Then there’s the string of murders that all seem like something out of Clive’s popular Pigfoot movie monster franchise. Throw in Liam’s mysterious new crush and the cough-syrup-addicted private investigator chasing her down and you might gain somewhat of a clue of what’s going on in Bass Falls lately.

And don’t even get him started on she-demons and blood sacrifices. Bone Saw studios is in town and they’re bringing you the bloodiest sequel featuring a pig-human hybrid killing machine you’ve ever seen.

You can pre-order it hereBONE SAW.

Also, I’d say those grey streaks are more of a silver hue. Because Silver Beard sounds like a really interesting pirate villain.



If you’re of the hardcover collector blood, then I implore you to pick up the new Thunderstorm Books edition of WE CAME BACK. As of this writing, there are only a few copies left, so get on it while they still exist. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. There won’t be another post next year entitled “WE CAME BACK (AGAIN…AGAIN).” Mainly because the wording is atrocious but also because once these sell out, they won’t ever be restocked.



Quick update for y’all. WE CAME BACK is officially available for your consumption. If you’ve been following my ramblings about this book, then you know I’m quite proud of it but also that I’m donating all of my royalties to The American Cancer Society in honor of my old man, who passed away when I was a wee lad (wee lad =  high school senior). This is my most personal book to date and parts were difficult to write (as in nearly-driving-me-insane difficult). I hope you’ll check it out and help spread the word. I’d very much like for it to succeed for obvious reasons.


Dream Woods Cover Interview

Hey y’all.

Here’s a little interview thingy I did over on Sinister Grin in which I discussed the DREAM WOODS cover. It’s my favorite cover of mine thus far and it’s received a good amount of attention since its reveal earlier this year. Click here and get all the dirty little secrets behind that pesky bear.



Received some awesome news this week. The official cover for my novella A DEBT TO BE PAID is finalized and ready for public consumption. It’s being released in ebook format through Samhain this September wherever virtual books are sold. I love the way this bad boy came out and I hope you feel the same way. Stay tuned for more details! Without further ado, feast your eyes on some shadowy goodness.



Is it a real word? I’m not sure but if it isn’t, it ought to be. Out now is the second in the FOSSIL LAKE anthology series, which features stories from Ken Goldman, John M. McIlveen, Doug Rinaldi, and many more awesome folks. Did I mention it’s edited by the wonderful Christine Morgan and contains a foreword from some guy named Brian Keene? Also, it features my short story “Critter Marrow,” which is about one of the most terrifying subjects of all: junk mail. The ebook and paperback are both available now from Amazon. Go grab them while they’re hot, though they’ll probably cool down by the time your receive your copies.

Leading up to the anthology’s release, Christine posted contributor interviews each day. You can find mine here if you’re so inclined but please read through all of them while you’re at it. These are some talented folks and each deserves your time.