Quick update for y’all. WE CAME BACK is officially available for your consumption. If you’ve been following my ramblings about this book, then you know I’m quite proud of it but also that I’m donating all of my royalties to The American Cancer Society in honor of my old man, who passed away when I was a wee lad (wee lad =  high school senior). This is my most personal book to date and parts were difficult to write (as in nearly-driving-me-insane difficult). I hope you’ll check it out and help spread the word. I’d very much like for it to succeed for obvious reasons.



Dream Woods Cover Interview

Hey y’all.

Here’s a little interview thingy I did over on Sinister Grin in which I discussed the DREAM WOODS cover. It’s my favorite cover of mine thus far and it’s received a good amount of attention since its reveal earlier this year. Click here and get all the dirty little secrets behind that pesky bear.



Received some awesome news this week. The official cover for my novella A DEBT TO BE PAID is finalized and ready for public consumption. It’s being released in ebook format through Samhain this September wherever virtual books are sold. I love the way this bad boy came out and I hope you feel the same way. Stay tuned for more details! Without further ado, feast your eyes on some shadowy goodness.



Is it a real word? I’m not sure but if it isn’t, it ought to be. Out now is the second in the FOSSIL LAKE anthology series, which features stories from Ken Goldman, John M. McIlveen, Doug Rinaldi, and many more awesome folks. Did I mention it’s edited by the wonderful Christine Morgan and contains a foreword from some guy named Brian Keene? Also, it features my short story “Critter Marrow,” which is about one of the most terrifying subjects of all: junk mail. The ebook and paperback are both available now from Amazon. Go grab them while they’re hot, though they’ll probably cool down by the time your receive your copies.

Leading up to the anthology’s release, Christine posted contributor interviews each day. You can find mine here if you’re so inclined but please read through all of them while you’re at it. These are some talented folks and each deserves your time.



Here’s the cover reveal for the upcoming anthology FOSSIL LAKE II: THE REFOSSILING (may or may not be a real word), edited by the wonderful Christine Morgan and featuring my story “Critter Marrow” about the world’s most terrifying subject: junk mail. Don’t act like you didn’t just shudder when you read that. More details to follow so stay tuned!



Just in time for Halloween, BUGS is out now from Great Old Ones Publishing, featuring my story OPERATION PARASITE and excellent pieces from Sydney Leigh, Tracy L. Carbone, Eric S. Brown and roughly thirty more. It’s edited by the great Gregory L. Norris. Grab the paperback and receive a free Kindle copy and complimentary bag of centipedes.

Buy it!



WIDOWMAKERS, the benefit anthology for James Newman, is out now, featuring my story “The Lynnwood Vampires” (which, oddly enough, contains no actual vampires). James suffered an accident during a hiking trip with his family this past summer and was severely injured. From what I’ve heard, he’s doing much better now and this anthology has generated a sizable about of relief for his medical bills, etc. Other contributors include Brian Keene, Bracken MacLeod,  Mercedes M. Yardley, and many more. Please buy a copy here and spread the word. In addition to this anthology, you can check out James’ Amazon store here. All his books come highly recommended.


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