Chiral Mad

What better way to start off this blog than by announcing my short story “Send Your End” has been accepted into the upcoming Chiral Mad anthology from Written Backwards? It’s an honor to be among the authors in this collection, some of which made me want to start writing in the first place (seriously, I’m in fanboy heaven here).

This was also a big step because “Send Your End” was one of the first stories where I didn’t hold back, didn’t think, “what if my mom or boss reads this?” I didn’t let the outside world affect what I was writing, no matter how gruesome or messy things got. And things got pretty messy. Truth be told, this piece bothered me a lot, made me feel all gloomy and anxious when I was writing it, but I didn’t look away. Not once. I think that’s a mile marker for any writer, to sit back and know they told the truth.

I’d very much appreciate you taking a look at the details and spreading the word. Chiral Mad will be released in November. All proceeds go to Down syndrome charities. And just take a look at that table of contents and not salivate.

More saliva-inducing info here!


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