Just in time for Halloween, BUGS is out now from Great Old Ones Publishing, featuring my story OPERATION PARASITE and excellent pieces from Sydney Leigh, Tracy L. Carbone, Eric S. Brown and roughly thirty more. It’s edited by the great Gregory L. Norris. Grab the paperback and receive a free Kindle copy and complimentary bag of centipedes.

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WIDOWMAKERS, the benefit anthology for James Newman, is out now, featuring my story “The Lynnwood Vampires” (which, oddly enough, contains no actual vampires). James suffered an accident during a hiking trip with his family this past summer and was severely injured. From what I’ve heard, he’s doing much better now and this anthology has generated a sizable about of relief for his medical bills, etc. Other contributors include Brian Keene, Bracken MacLeod,  Mercedes M. Yardley, and many more. Please buy a copy here and spread the word. In addition to this anthology, you can check out James’ Amazon store here. All his books come highly recommended.