One of the questions I hear from readers most often is “Pat, when are you going to write a novel about a maniacal pig monster?” followed closely by “Is your beard really that grey?”

The answer to the second question is a resounding yes. I think it’s a distinguishing look.

As for the first question, behold the cover of BONE SAW, out this May through Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing.

Liam Carpenter spends most of his time above his aunt’s garage, watching obscure horror movies and drinking cheap beer. But this week’s different. This week, things are getting weird. First, there’s his favorite director, Clive Sherman, showing up in town unannounced. Then there’s the string of murders that all seem like something out of Clive’s popular Pigfoot movie monster franchise. Throw in Liam’s mysterious new crush and the cough-syrup-addicted private investigator chasing her down and you might gain somewhat of a clue of what’s going on in Bass Falls lately.

And don’t even get him started on she-demons and blood sacrifices. Bone Saw studios is in town and they’re bringing you the bloodiest sequel featuring a pig-human hybrid killing machine you’ve ever seen.

You can pre-order it hereBONE SAW.

Also, I’d say those grey streaks are more of a silver hue. Because Silver Beard sounds like a really interesting pirate villain.



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