I’ve always had a thing for crime fiction, but aside from a few jaunts in my short stories, I’ve never done anything but dabble. Until two years ago, when Irish horror author Matt Hayward pitched me the idea for PRACTITIONERS. He mentioned nightmares and creatures and a tortured detective but truthfully, I was sold before he even began his spiel. A half dozen beers will do that. He could’ve pitched me an unauthorized novelization of BLANK CHECK, and I would’ve been on board. (Full disclosure: I’d still love to write that.) But thankfully, his idea sounded just as appealing after I’d sobered up and in the following six or seven months, we wrote two alternating chapters each week, never once working from an outline but always trying to one-up the other. You’ve got a weird gimp thing? Well, I’m naming a character “Kale.” What now, Hayward?

Today, nearly two years later to the day of that six-beers-deep novel pitch, you can finally read PRACTITIONERS in all its glory. It’s different from anything either he or I have written, yet it feels like a natural progression. I hope you enjoy this collaboration. We sure as heck did.dfsafdfsdf


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